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Why Wooden Rings?

Our Wooden Rings are Uniquely Crafted

Wooden rings are a celebration of life, love and nature. To wear a piece of wood that was once alive & that you now hold on your finger is truly unique. The African wood we use in these rings is on a constant journey. It comes to us from a variety of sources, much of it salvaged, found, or brought in by customers who have their own connection to a particular piece of wood. As the wood travels its path, it carries with it something of where it has been, building its journey into itself as the wood continues to change, expand and contract, the grain re-aligning with each vibration that passes through it.

Exceptional Wooden Ring Box

 Wooden rings

These wooden rings are a celebration of that journey, a way to take a moment of that journey and carry it with you as a reminder of the life around us. We are honored at the opportunity to find the life and the beauty in this wood and make something precious that will accompany the person wearing it on their journey through life.

We cannot tell you these rings will last forever, but we can tell you that they are a source of joy and beauty to those who wear them for the years they will last. While the method used to create them does make them surprisingly durable, they are not going to hold up like a metal band. Many of the same things that will damage your hands will damage the rings (metals, abrasives, chemicals). As a result, they do request of the wearer a little more awareness of their motions.

Wooden rings are not for everyone, but for some of us, they are just the right thing. They are a way of pacing one’s movements, a call that brings one back to the moment, and that connection to other moments and the breath of life that flows through them.

Our wooden rings are all 100%, eco-friendly and handcrafted to perfection. That is our Wooden Rings & Co promise…

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